The Chameleon Society

The Chameleon Society is a support and social group for Crossdressers, Transsexuals and their partners. The group is based in Perth, Western Australia and runs social meetings at a safe location on the second and fourth Wednesday of each month.

We also provide referral to businesses in Western Australia who provide services assocated with crossdressers and transgender people.

One or more social events outside of the regular Club Evenings are usually arranged each few months.

Our Library of books, novels, leaflets, magazines and videos are available for members to borrow. Just email us if you would like to borrow from the library. Our list of books, videos, DVDs and magazines can be accessed at the left of this page. There is something for everyone, from the novice crossdresser to the transsexual considering sex realignment surgery.

We have a forum and chat rooms so please feel free to click on the links at the left and register. You will find lots of information in the forum… and if you can't find what you are looking for, ask!

Members are now able to download and read our magazine, The Transceiver, from the Member's Area.

Almost all back issues from 2001 to 2011 are available.

All meetings are held at a discreet location. Come in everyday mode, or dressed. Changing facilities are also available on site.

The Society holds regular meetings in a hired hall to provide a safe environment to cross dress and meet like-minded people. Other social events are organized at both private and public venues for members to enjoy their cross dressing in a more public arena.

We organize for guest speakers to talk at our meetings on subjects ranging from make-up to safe sex. The Society caters for transgendered people of all kinds as well as cross dressers, and our membership includes all ages and professions.

We encourage partners, friends and family of cross dressers and transgendered people to attend meetings and events, and we have representatives available to discuss issues that may concern them.

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For those that have perhaps kept their cross dressing private and find it daunting to attend a meeting, we can usually arrange an escort to your initial Society meeting. The Committee members are generally happy to help in any way possible by email, and by phone in many cases. If desired, a private initial meeting can usually be arranged.

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In addition to an extensive library on transgender and cross dressing issues, the Society maintains a member's manual containing valuable information to help the new member in particular cope with, and get the most from, this lifestyle. We produce our own newsletter, The Transceiver, which is available to all members, is accessible at libraries, and is provided to a number of professionals in the Perth vicinity.

The Chameleon Society

Our Society Brochure is in the form of a folded leaflet and can be found at the offices of many professionals in the Perth area as well as at all of our Society meetings. It contains valuable information for crossdressers and transsexuals and can help others to understand what it means to be trans gendered.

If you have a family member or friend that is, or you consider might be, transgendered you may wish to present him or her with this brochure. We would be happy to mail a professionally printed copy to you upon request. Alternatively, you may download and print the brochure here.
Membership is currently at the following rates:
Standard Membership -
printed and mailed newsletter and $5 entry per meeting - $60 p.a.
Standard Online Membership - no printed newsletter, $5 entry per meeting (access to the newsletter online) - $50 p.a.
For more details on how to become a member of The Chameleon Society of Western Australia, please see the Society Membership page.


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